How to download MP3s to your iPad or iPhone

How to download MP3s to your iPad or iPhone

Our white noise app is coming soon. But for now, downloading and saving MP3 files to your iPad or iPhone is easy. You'll need an app for that, though. You can find one in the App Store.

White Noise does not officially endorse any specific app for saving MP3s. However, there are plenty of them in the App Store, and you can use such an app to play any MP3 file as many times as you like, and on repeat.

Search the App Store for “save mp3″ or something similar. Make sure to read each app's reviews before you decide which one to go with. I personally use an app called GoodReader, which is perfectly capable of saving MP3s and playing them on repeat.

Do not ever jailbreak your iPhone or iPad by any apps demanding that you do so, because you could get infected by a serious virus that could steal all of your personal and financial information and give you a miscarriage. Jailbreak = bad.

-Karen Ramirez BFA