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How to stop nightmares

Often, nightmares may help to provoke lucid dreaming. This is good news for those of us who are seeking to have lucid dreams. But for those who either do not know about lucid dreams or do not care to have them, they will have to deal with the nightmares in different ways. Our minds question the terrors of nightmares and we begin to question the reality of nightmares. This may help to change it to a lucid dream, when that self-awareness takes hold. Sometimes, within a nightmare, we are given choices and decisions once we become aware of it. We can either wake up and be out of the “dream”, or we can turn and face it — and with self-awareness, we can conquer it. Nightmares are scary at times, and it may just be easier to wake up rather than face them. But if you know how to lucid dream, then you may find it beneficial to face them and deal head-on with the fear(s) you have at the moment.

What nightmares really mean

Some groups of people believe that nightmares reveal our innermost darkest fears, which come out in symbolism in the nightmare. Everyone has nightmares at one time or another in their lives. Not everyone considers lucid dreaming as a great way to help resolve it, and instead they just try to wake up from it.

Most nightmares involve some sort of a chase, either by an evil person or some sort of a beast. To us, they are a scary thing, and we fear if caught we could die or suffer greatly. This stems from an ancient fear of being hunted by predators. Some nightmares may be more down to earth — such as losing someone we love, suffering from a catastrophic illness or injury, being immersed in spiders or snakes, or being trapped or jailed. These may be from some sort of psychological issue we may have at the moment. Other things can spark nightmares such as being ill, having high fevers, certain medications, too much stress, or post-traumatic stress disorder from some violent event that we've suffered.

How lucid dreams can stop nightmares

If you are already trying to have lucid dreams, then you already know about reality checks to bring on a great self-awareness. If you are able to do this in your dream, then you can do this in your nightmares as well. Keep telling yourself that when terror or fear comes over you, it is probably just a dream and not real. If you can grasp this from the nightmare, you will have great power to stop it. At least you have two distinctive choices with nightmares — either to wake up or to face it.

If you are seeking lucid dreams, you may as well use your nightmares as a springboard to getting there. It helps you to move beyond the fear you are harboring, and it spurs you into the wonderful world of lucid dreaming. You must grasp some reality during the dream to bring on more self-awareness.

When in the midst of the scary part, you need to pause long enough to do a reality check. Shove your hand through a wall, count your fingers, or do a math equation. When you realize you are dreaming and the terror you are experiencing is not real, you can then turn to face it. You can tell it to stop, and then imagine the dreamscape changing. Make night turn to day. Make the evil entity turn into a harmless bird and imagine it flying away.

By taking charge of your nightmares and turning them into real lucid dreamscapes, you will be able to conquer those fears you face. Sometimes you may discover the nightmare is a deep-seated fear you have of something in your life. Or it may have psychological roots in which you can better deal with once you are awake. Or you may find they are pointless, and upon this realization, the fearful scene will melt away. Conquering nightmares brings on a new feeling of bravery in real life to help you face your waking fears with much more ease.

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