Karen's Thoughts

Karen's Thoughts

Here are some of my thoughts, as well as answers to questions that have been sent to me through e-mail. Have a question that's been on your mind lately? Shoot me a question at chateaudewhitenoise@gmail.com and if it's a good one, I'll be glad to answer it! You can ask me anything in the world. Well, anything except for questions about chicken. Everyone knows what a chicken is.

Space is Sexy: Let's Colonize Mars
Is humanity ready to leave Earth? Or is it destined to die here? Will we ever become a space-faring race?

Tips for recording sound effects
Here are some techniques I've used for recording sound effects, and methods of excluding unwanted sound effects for movies and commercials.

Q: Does white noise really help you concentrate?
Asked by Scott

Q: Is it illegal for babies to grow mustaches longer than seven inches?
Asked by Lance

The double-slit experiment explained
In this article, I'm going to attempt to demystify much of the fog surrounding a famous physics experiment called the double-slit experiment.

Q: Why does white noise help soothe colicky babies?
Asked by Betty

Q: Why do we wake up to loud noises, and cats don't?
Asked by Joyce

How to get to Dobe, Botswana
If you've seen the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, you've probably wondered about the Jul'hoansi people. Here are directions for Dobe, their home community.

Top 5 causes of insomnia
Here are the five most common causes of insomnia, the unbearably debilitating sleep disorder that affects 1 in 3 adults. Also, my thoughts on history's greatest nappers, including Cato of Utica.

Q: Dear Karen, has this ever happened to you? I was washing the dishes when AAAGAAGHHGGG IT'S HAPPENING TO ME AGAIN WHAT DO I DO HELP
Asked by Kenneth

My Onkyo TX-NR5007 review
The most spectacular feature of the Onkyo TX-NR5007 is its sound quality, which provides higher resolution audio than its older models.

How to deal with noisy neighbours
Dealing with noisy neighbours is easy with today's technology, even if you live in the city. Try combining a pair of headphones with a white noise MP3.

Q: Is taking naps good or bad?
Asked by Charles

Q: How do I teach my baby to self-soothe back to sleep?
Asked by Sabrina

Don't just lie awake in bed!
Lying awake in bed for hours will do you more harm than good in the long run.

Do nothing in bed except sleep and make love
You should create such a strong connection between your bed and sleep, so that just the act of getting into bed and lying down triggers the process of falling asleep.

Q: My wife wants to watch “Twilight” with our 6-year-old daughter. Is this a good idea?
Asked by Garry

History of dream interpretation
Dream interpretation dates back to acient times, as far back as the Greeks. Here's the history of dream interpretation.

Our genetic history
Whenever I mention mtDNA, no one seems to know what it is. Not even some nurses that are studying medicine! Here's the story of our genetic history.

Prolonging the lucid state
If you really want to dive into the fascinating world of vivid and intense lucid dreams, you will want to learn how to make the dream world last longer.

Q: How do we end all gun violence?
Asked by Lucas

Why you should get up at the same time every day
This simple and seemingly unimportant little routine can have the most incredible effect on sleeping patterns and sleep hygiene.

Alternative therapies for insomnia
Insomnia resulting from an anxious mind can often be addressed by learning ways to release physical tension, reduce arousal, and by effective relaxation.

Q: How do I produce melatonin at the right times?
Asked by Alan

Q: What is the worst way to compliment a friend's baby?
Asked by Ashton

The most important prerequisites for sleeping well
Bad sleep hygiene disrupts hormonal patterns that need to be reset nightly. Insulin, thyroid hormones, and melatonin are negated by poor sleep hygiene.

Q: My wish came true in a dream. What does it mean?
Asked by Robert and others

The importance of audio monitoring for videographers
What videographers don’t realize, professional and consumer alike, is that monitoring audio is as critical as looking in the viewfinder.

Q: How much do babies sleep?
Asked by Rosanna

Q: How can society prevent abortion?
Asked by Patricia

Levels of lucid dreaming
The most common question a person asks, and the first question I asked, when first beginning to experience lucid dreaming, is how lucid can you get?

Quit taking sleeping pills!
I haven't taken any sleeping pills in years, and I feel great. I have no side effects I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Real world treasure hunting
You might be surprised by the amount of hidden treasure in Ontario, Canada. It's here because of a rapidly spreading phenomenon called geocaching.

So you want to live in Toronto?
Toronto has been my home since childhood, although I've lived in many different cities. If you're planning to move to Toronto, allow me to be your guide.

Q: How do I turn my gay friend straight?
Asked by Mattias

Healthy eating habits for better sleep
Eating right is the first step towards better sleep. But eating right can be confusing. With so much information out there, how do we know what is right?

How to feel good
Try these weekly challenges and discover the impact “me” time can have on your well-being.

Denver Art Museum visit and art critique
Art critique is one of my favourite pastimes, and this past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Denver Art Museum in Colorado, USA.

My Onkyo TX-NR3007 review
Among the newest additions among the new “x007″ series AV receivers is Onkyo TX-NR3007, which offers better value than the TX-NR5007.

Q: My doctor said I need to stop drinking energy drinks and instead have water, should I listen to him?
Asked by Byron

Karen's remedies for insomnia
Here are the most effective remedies for insomnia that I've personally tried and can always rely on for falling and staying asleep, in order of preference.

Why Winamp is just terrible
Winamp is nice, but Foobar is lightweight and much more customizable.

Q: What is the best form of punishment for criminals?
Asked by Gregory

Why TRT is moot
Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) is a pointless endeavour. Here are my experiences with TRT.

Can't sleep? Get up and do stuff!
What do you do when sleep doesn’t come? Well, the one thing you shouldn’t do is to continue to lie there. If you can’t sleep, you should get out of bed.

Things to do in a lucid dream
In lucid dreams, you can have skills and talents of Greek gods. You can perform physical feats you could never even accomplish when awake.

Sleeping pills are dangerous
If you take a prescribed sleeping medication, you run the risk of developing addiction and many unpleasant physical and emotional problems.

False awakenings
False awakenings are actually extremely vivid dreams in which you are convinced that you have woken up in physical reality.

Tips for audio compression and limiting
The use of compression is an invaluable tool in location audio.

How to do nothing before you sleep
This is my personal favourite of all the relaxation techniques that I know of for falling asleep, if it can be called a technique.

Tips for your baby to sleep better
Here's a short summary of what you can do to maximize your baby’s ability to sleep during the night in a simple step-by-step format.

It's bad to read, watch TV, and use your laptop in bed
If your bed is currently serving as cinema, library and office, this is almost undoubtedly affecting your sleeping patterns.

What is sleep paralysis?
What exactly is sleep paralysis? This is the mechanism that kicks in when you are sleeping that prevents you from physically acting out your dreams.

The two main types of insomnia
The two most common types of insomnia are transient insomnia, and chronic insomnia. What type of insomniac are you?

Sleeping pills and their side effects
Here are some facts about sleeping pills. I haven't taken sleeping pills in a long time, but if you currently are, I recommend that you stop ASAP.

How to prevent microphone bleed
Learn how to prevent microphone bleed by following these five simple tips.

Vitamins and foods for sleep
Looking for natural insomnia remedies? What better place to look than food itself? Here are several vitamins and foods that are beneficial for sleep.

How to stop nightmares
Learn how to stop nightmares by turning them into lucid dreams.

Sleeping in on weekends is a bad idea
When you sleep in on the weekends on a frequent basis, it can only serve to exacerbate your insomnia.

Glossary of audio engineering terms
Here's a glossary I've compiled of the most common terms used in location audio and audio engineering.

Natural sleep remedies
Folks have been dealing with insomnia for centuries using natural sleep remedies, which are generally much more safe than prescription sleeping pills.

My thoughts on how medical professionals treat insomnia
In this article, I describe the standard treatments for insomnia by conventional medicine. I also suggest the reasons why these are often unsuccessful.

Sex in lucid dreams?
Many folks want to know if beginners can jump into a dream of lucid sex, and then they wonder if the sex in the dreams is as good as real life.

Don't change your lifestyle because of insomnia
If your insomnia has become so all-consuming that you are willing to compromise enjoyment of life rather than risk missing sleep, you need to take action.

Shut up about insomnia.
If you have insomnia, it cannot be overemphasised how negative an effect talking about your problem can have.

Using an out of body experience to enter a lucid dream
An OBE, or out of body experience, is one aspect of lucid dreaming. Not everyone experiences it, but it is something to challenge yourself to try.

The hypnagogic state
As we fall asleep, we enter a hypnagogic state. This is a strange time when we are neither fully asleep, nor fully awake.

What is double-system recording?
Double-system recording is the process of using two audio recording mediums at the same time for film.

Tips for sleep if you have ADHD
Here are some tips that will help you to minimize your negative ADHD symptoms so that you can sleep at night.

Let your baby learn to sleep through the night
Allow your baby to develop the ability to fall into a deeper stage of sleep without parental help so that more sleep cycles may be linked together.

Never try hard to fall asleep
Trying implies effort, and unsuccessful effort implies frustration and tension. Nither of these are conducive to falling asleep.

Why obsess about time?
I do not advocate sleep diaries where every detail of one’s sleeping and waking hours is recorded in term of hours and minutes.

Not all relaxation techniques help you sleep
You may need to try a few relaxation techniques to find one that helps you sleep, as not all will have the same effect on each person.