Music for Sleep and Concentration

Music for Sleep and Concentration

Music for Sleep and Concentration — ambient electronic sleep music I've composed to lull you into sublime focus and restful slumber. Listen to these tracks to wind down before bed, or as a soothing background ambience when your noisy neighbors aren't home. Each of these hour-length musical soundscapes contains absolutely zero beats, zero voices, and zero sudden or disruptive changes in tempo or volume — perfect for both sleep and study.

Surfing the Clouds

Surfing the Clouds Sleep Music

Sweet mellifluous melodies for drifting through a sea of clouds. (Duration: 67 minutes 06 seconds, Size: 92.1 MB.)



Dreamland Sleep Music

A quietly ecstatic excursion to luminous realms and celestial planes. (Duration: 68 minutes 38 seconds, Size: 94.2 MB.)

Cave of Silence

Cave of Silence Sleep Music

A subterranean journey into the shadows of silence. (Duration: 64 minutes 34 seconds, Size: 88.6 MB.)


Grotto of Dreams

Grotto of Dreams Sleep Music

Dreamy ambient music that slows the breath and dissolves all woes. (Duration: 69 minutes 52 seconds, Size: 95.9 MB.)