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Sex in lucid dreams?

Lucid dreams make fulfilling your sexual fantasies seem real. Many people desire to have lucid dreams so they can fulfill such desires. They want to know if beginners can jump into a dream of lucid sex, and then they wonder if the sex in the dreams is as good as real life.

Not always good

Sexual dreams are easy to conjure, even if they are not lucid. Sometimes when you set your intentions to be a lucid dream as a sexual fantasy, you may find it to be disappointing. You may discover the object of your passion is not what you once thought it was.

Making your image to be attractive

Some people who feel they are unattractive in real life may have a lucid dream where they have the perfect body and are quite sexy to all who see them in the dream. Your subconscious mind projects what it sees for you. You may meet up with others in the dream that are also characters conjured by your subconscious mind — people or beings you do not know in real life, but only exist to be a part of the dream scenery.

Advice to having a fulfilled sexual fantasy

Rather than launching into the dreamscape with the immediate thought of finding someone to consummate a union, try to engage in getting to know them intimately first. This only works if you are fully lucid (meaning you have full self-awareness and are in control of your actions within the dream). Remember that the beings you do come across in the dreamscape are mere reflections of your subconscious mind and what you project in your innermost self.

Physical fulfillment of lucid dream sex

Most folks want to know if lucid dream sex will produce real, physical sensations, like orgasm. Many scientific studies have researched this very topic. The experts believe that while the body experiences “some” of the sensations of arousal, it is rare for the full release of an orgasm to happen. The struggle is in the conscious mind, and holding on to the fact that you are in a lucid dream and feeling actual physical sensations. To this end, if you wish to have lucid sex with the result in being the fruition of true physical arousal, you are better off spending your lucid dreams on other endeavours.

The ethics of lucid dream sex

Some people struggle with the whole idea of having “sex” with someone who is not their real-life partner. They may feel that even sex in a dream with a dream character is cheating on their partner. Is this a fact, or does it have more to do with personal issues?

If you feel that having sex with a dream character is cheating, but still want to try it, you should discuss this with your partner. You need to dive deep down into your own mind and the feelings you have about it as well. Would it hurt your feelings if your partner engaged in sex with a dream character? The fact is, the dream character is not “real”, but more a figment of your own subconscious mind. Really, there are no moral issues with engaging in “dream sex”, since it strictly plays out in your own mind. Of course, if you feel that even thinking about another person — be it a real, live person or a dream character — is wrong, then for you it is immoral. It's all in the perception of the individual. The issues may arise if you are attracted to a real live person and try to pull them into your lucid dreams. This may cause your affections for this person to grow, rather than keeping them at bay. You may feel it would be a good release to be with them in the confines of your own lucid dream, while still leaving them alone in real life. But this often serves to grow the endearment we have for that other person, rather than to satisfy a desire. In this case, it may be wise to make the object of your dreamscape someone you do not really know.

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