White Noise for Sleep

White Noise for Sleep

For some people, falling asleep in the silence is a tour de force.

Often, the very silence that brings us the peace and calm in our lives can inadvertently tote along with it the reoccuring bouts of tinnitus and ringing in our ears that makes us go absolutely nuts.

No matter how much you desperately desire dreamland, it refuses you entry. You stand at the gates, whining, crying, pleading, but you remain fecklessly stuck in a pandemonium of buzzing anguish.

If you're experiencing insomnia due to tinnitus or noisy neighbors, try listening to this mesmerizing array of sounds to help you sleep.

All MP3s under best for sleep:
Air Conditioner Hum
Airbus Lavatory
Autumn Winds
Babbling Creek
Birth of a Supercell
Box Fan
Caledonian Squalls
Cozy Gas Furnace
Crackling Timber Catnap
Cryostasis Chamber
Dabbling Dishwasher
Devil’s Pool
Distant Thunder Billows
Dream Forest
Early Winter Wilderness
Empty Conference Room
End of the Cavern
Forest Brook
Healing Storm
Healing Waves
Idle Biplane
Intergalactic Cruiser
Jungle River Rapids
Kicking Horse Rapids
Large Hadron Cuddler
Lavatory 3 AM
Meadow Brook Meditation
Midnight Surf
Nothing but Crickets
Nothing but Rain
Ocean Breeze
Rain on the Patio
Rain on the River
Refrigerator Hum
Rocky Fjord Rannil
Rolling Surf
Sleepy Beach Waves
Sleepy Brown Noise
Sleepy Car Ride
Sleepy Jet Cabin
Sleepy Jungle Slumber
Sleepy Office Hallway
Space Pod
Spring Nocturne
Sprinklin’ Crickets
Streamside Sojourn
Tiger Leaping Gorge
Underwater Tarry
Vacuum Cleaner
Victoria Falls
Wilderness River
Winter River Tarry
Ye Olde Cozy Cottage


sleep sounds
Detifoss White Noise MP3     

Duration: 63 minutes 05 seconds, Size: 86.6 MB.

Prospectively killing myself is wonderful. I recorded this last June of 2007 right on the edge of the rocks (a truly catalytic experience) at the great Dettifoss. The Dettifoss Waterfall is located in north-eastern Iceland, situated on the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river which flows from the Vatnajökull glacier and collects water from a large area in north-east Iceland.

At 328 feet wide (100 meters) and a drop of 144 feet (44 meters) down to the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon, Dettifoss is reputed to be the largest, most powerful waterfall in Europe — having a flow estimated at between 200 and 500 cubic metres of water per second.

I really like that there are no barriers or railings (at least not yet) except common sense and your own sure-footing. I could’ve been round-house-kicked down into that storming abyss of water by a Muay Thai master right out of the blue.

sleep sounds sleep sounds

Box Fan

sleep sounds

Box Fan White Noise MP3

Duration: 63 minutes 30 seconds, Size: 87.2 MB.

You see… I have this great joke.

An air conditioner walks into a bar and………




bah! I forgot…

Oh well, let box fans be box fans.

sleep sounds sleep sounds

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