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Things to do in a lucid dream

How much can you dream? If you are a lucid dreamer, then you probably already have ideas about what you want to do. There are no limits to lucid dreams. In lucid dreams, you can have skills and talents you may not have when you are awake. You can perform physical feats you never have tried, or never could accomplish when awake. Go sky diving, sing to a large crowd, ice skate at the Olympics (and win the gold!), deep sea dive, fly without wings, swim across the ocean, pilot a plane, captain a ship, or whatever your heart desires and you can dream up.

Positions only play a small part in the actual dream. You have to take into consideration all the other factors such as the amount of sleep you have, supplements you are taking, room temperature, comfort, uninterrupted sleep, and the ability to perform reality checks, stabilizing exercises, lucid dream inducing techniques, etc.

Dream control

Lucid dreaming comes in different “states” with the first state being recognition. Once you are aware you are in a dream, then you can discover the rules that control the dreamscape. Learning how to do this is not like having to go to school and learn a boring subject — this is fun. It is fun because in a lucid dream there are not many barriers to cross. In other words, what does your heart desire to do? You can probably do them in a lucid dream.

Speaking to your subconscious

Being in a lucid dream means you have direct access to your subconscious mind. You can receive a better grasp on how you really see the world and how your childhood affected you through your subconscious mind. When you are ingrained in your lucid dream, you can get to know yourself a lot better.

Picture your subconscious as a separate person, one with whom you can communicate. Place your subconscious into something that can talk with you, i.e. another person, a pet, etc. You can talk to them just as you would to a friend, using the same respect as you would in talking with a friend. But knowing it is really you, you can ask some pertinent questions without worrying about being offensive. They may or may not speak back to you — if they do not, and you still wish to speak to your subconscious, keep looking for another being that will embody this part of your mind.

Take off and fly

Flying is one of the favourite things people do when they first learn how to have lucid dreams. Flying is not something a human can do without being in a plane. Sometimes it may be difficult to accomplish simply because the conscious mind is also in control here. Flying at first may a few inches off the ground. You have to learn how to work with the dreamscape and in realizing the laws of physics are different than they are in real life. Once you overcome the restrictions you face in reality, you can let go and soar through the air, unencumbered. You can also use objects to help you fly, whatever you feel your mind will accept.

Finding objects

Perhaps you wish to visualize a certain object in your dream — you may find it a difficult task. While you have some control over the dream, normally the dreamscape is what it is, and you have to work with that. If you are looking for something, conduct a search with the object in your mind, and look in hiding spots. Your aware mind needs to do something that makes sense — so look behind other objects, under things, in your pockets, or just around your general vicinity to find it.


A lucid dream makes it possible to travel through time and space. You can travel both ways — to the past and to the future. You can fly to get to a completely different dreamscape. You can use objects to help you travel.

If you wish to change where you are, you can employ a few of these techniques to make the change occur: Go through a door. Just like in Alice in Wonderland, you can make an exit through a door lead to another world. Use your imagination and conjure the place you wish to be to be behind you. Think about it, turn around, and see it there. Conjure a portal from thin air. Imagine you have the power to make a portal wherever you wish, whenever you wish. Sometimes doing something as simple as spinning in circles will cause the dreamscape to change into what you want it to be.

Final thoughts on dream control

Just like everything you master in life, learning how to have and work within a lucid dream takes time and practice. You may not accomplish all of these things the first few times you dream, but with awareness, you can practice and master the techniques over time.


Before you lie down to sleep, think about what it is you wish to accomplish in your lucid dream. Find an objective to think about as you fall asleep. This is called lucid dream intention. Whatever it is, decide with clearness what you want — be it to see and speak with someone, accomplish a task, fly through space, travel through time, or whatever your heart desires.

Lucid dreams need planning in order to stay with you! Lucid dreams will have you focused on what is going on at the present — and in order to be successful, you need to think laterally. By planning what it is you wish to accomplish in your dream, you will be able to reach this goal, and will be able to move on to greater dream feats. Lucid dreams are an opportunity to become more enlightened. Do not waste it by doing self-gratifying things.

First, you must think about what you wish to accomplish in the lucid dream, should one occur. Second, once you enter the dream, do a reality check to make sure you are actually in the dreamscape and not in reality. Third, do something to stabilize your dream. Fourth, call up to your mind your lucid dream intention (which should be easy if you were focusing on it as you were falling asleep).

Set a firm intention before falling asleep

Make a decision of the details about the dream before you fall asleep. Think about how you will arrive to your destination by visualizing this. Think in extreme detail about this part so you can easily fall into this the minute you enter into the lucid dreamscape. Prepare your mind for the possibilities. If you are going to fly, for example, think about how you will fly. Will you have an object that will help this (jetpack or grow wings, for example), or will you just be able to soar through the air? One thing you should prepare for is in having a dream that is not lucid, a scenario occurs in which you are doing exactly what you thought about prior to falling asleep. This is okay, and this is normal. Eventually you will fall into the lucid dream and then you can set about making your intentions real in the dreamscape.

Realize not all lucid dreams need complete detail planning

Sometimes, the subconscious mind has some fun surprises in store for you if you allow it to unfold in your dreamscape. Planning a dream is like planning a trip. You have a map and you can see the roads on the map. What you cannot see is the beautiful scenery on one route or the flat boring terrain on another route. You just see the lines. One thing is certain; the map helps you to go from where you are to where you want to be. The route you take determines the type of journey you have getting there.

Sometimes even if you follow a roadmap, you may get lost anyway. The same applies with lucid dream intentions. You may have planned for a certain dream but find in the dream you have lost the intention. If this is the case, just enjoy the journey, whatever it is. Sometimes you may not be able to move to the place you want to be. Instead of fretting over this, look around at what the dreamscape has set before you and try to have a good time discovering the unknown in the here and now.

Set your dream intentions to being that of allowing the unknown to come in and help you with discovering new things. Lucid dreaming allows you to discover and explore new worlds, so do not miss out on this adventure by crying over lost intentions! Instead, embrace the intention of discovery and see where it leads. Keep your cool, practice your reality checks; make good use of your self-awareness during the dream. You may find yourself on the edge of an abyss that leads to exciting new places to allow you to experience wonderful new things. Maybe your subconscious mind has things to teach you.

Experiences to explore

Lucid dreaming means you are able to try new things with self-awareness. You will feel as if it is really happening and you will remember it. Knowing this, you have nothing but your imagination to stop you from exploring anything your heart desires. Your desires will probably change from day to day. While at first you may wish to perform some incredible feats, later you may wish to do more simple things. Let your imagination run wild. Below are some experiences worth exploring...


Of all the things we enjoy trying, flying is probably at the very top of the desires list, and the imagination will not be satisfied until this happens. There is nothing more freeing than to take off and soar through the open air, feeling the wind blow past your face, the feeling of floating above the grounded earth (or whatever planet you happen to be visiting). Most people find that flying in lucid dreams comes easy. Some will find it is difficult and may take some practice to do it right. The logical mind knows that in real life you cannot fly. Your self-awareness has a strong connection to this logical side and may ‘ground' you in the process. Some people find they can barely lift off the ground and may fly feeling the pull of gravity instead of the desired soar. If this is you, then you must “learn” how to fly in lucid dreams. This then becomes an experience to explore.

Sometimes flying will be like bobbing up and down, from being airborne to touching the ground. No matter how high you may soar, remember you cannot be harmed, because it is just a dream. The more you practice it, the higher you will go — and the longer you may fly. You will find after a while you are flying over lands and oceans. You will be able to take daring feats, such as jumping from the tops of tall buildings and high mountain ledges without worry of getting hurt.

Passing through walls and doors

Another favourite in the dreamscape is the ability to walk through walls and closed doors. This is an activity you can do in a reality check — if you can pass right through a solid wall; you know you are in a dream. If you have never done it, you can work up to it. Take your hand and just try to push through to the other side. If it does not, try imagining it doing so, or set an intention to do so. You will find after a while that the laws of physics do not apply in the dreamscape — and not only will your hand pass through, but your whole body. You will be able to fly to the ceiling and pass right through the roof to soar in the sky! It's fun stuff.

Change the time or the season

It can be fun to turn the night into day, or vice versa. It can also be fun to change from summer to a raging snowstorm in an instant, all with the control of your lucid dream experience. You need to visualize it happening. Turn around and believe that when you get back to your starting place, it will be so, the change in time or season. It is fun to turn the dreamscape into night, dot the sky with stars and galaxies, take off in flight, and soar through them.

Do things you can normally do

Maybe you have a favourite food that you have not been able to eat in a while. Conjure up that delicious Chicago pizza or that decadent chocolate cake that can only be bought at a bakery in Miami, Florida. Think about the foods you enjoy but do not get to eat because you are not around the restaurants or stores that sell them. Or maybe you want a fruit that is not in season. You can smell the food, your mouth will water as you bring the first bite to your mouth, then you can taste it. Your stomach will even feel full and satisfied when you do. Mmmm. Am I making you hungry? More importantly, are you in a dream right now? Do a reality check and find out!

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