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Using an out of body experience to enter a lucid dream

An OBE or out of body experience is when we feel as if we are leaving our physical body, and are conscious, aware, and can move about into other areas and even other lands. An OBE is one aspect of lucid dreaming, though not everyone experiences it. It is something to challenge yourself to try, and many find it to be an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

How to have an obe

Having an OBE means you must be so relaxed that your body will fall asleep before you conscious mind does. This means it will not fight against the “exit” of one's self from one's body. If your body is asleep, your eyes are closed, you are fully aware that you are lying in your bed, surrounded by the things in your bedroom — but you will feel detached from your body. When you feel this sensation, you must realize that while you are asleep in your own bed and in your own bedroom, you actually are asleep for real. In other words, your dream is that you are lying in your bed with your body fully relaxed.

You must cross the threshold from being consciously awake to being asleep and dreaming that you are conscious. You must be convinced that you are awake and aware. Perhaps you have self-awareness, and think you are awake with an extremely relaxed body, but you have crossed on over to the land of lucid dreams and are set up for an out of body experience. But it is the realization that you “know” you are dreaming — yet you feel awake — that will help this to happen.

Awareness of the dream

This is a delicate time in which you must retain hold of the awareness you have of your body, though it is sleeping. During an out of body experience, you are paralyzed (known as sleep paralysis), so you will be unable to move your body. You may feel as if your entire body is numb, void of feeling, or you may feel as if your covers are extremely heavy and you will be unable to move because of this weight. Do not fret over this feeling because it is normal. Just relax and be glad because it will enable you to move on to the next steps of having a true out of body experience and diving into your lucid dream.

Many people admit to having a sensation of vibrations and or a loud buzzing in the ears just prior to the dream body leaving the physical body. It may feel like electricity is surging through your veins. Your head may feel as if it is vibrating and the hissing becomes quite loud in the ears. This is normal and is not a sign of something wrong. If you experience this, relax and rejoice, because it means you are about to enjoy an exciting out of body experience.

Sometimes going through these processes may seem scary. Some believe that by having an out of body experience you may inadvertently “invite” other beings into your dreamscape. Sometimes these other beings are not so nice, and other times they are warm and friendly. Are these beings real? This is all a perception of your imagination. Remind yourself that is it “just” a dream and do not fear if someone or something else seems to be present with you during this.

The true out of body experience

If you can move past the physical sensations, and if you can realize that an out of body experience is just another aspect of a lucid dream, you can easily go into this mode. Your surroundings during this may seem real. You may feel as if you are moving about your room or home, or beyond. You may be convinced that you really are “out of your body.” The facts are that your mind remembers what these places look like, so you are moving about in a dream room or home, based on the memories in your mind.

The most confusing thing about having an OBE is that you may feel as if you have woken up instead of stepping into a dream. This feeling can be quite convincing, and you may conduct yourself until your physical body truly wakes up — then you suddenly find yourself back in your bed having been asleep after all.

Discovering yourself in a lucid dream

Lucid dreaming is the scientifically proven ability to become consciously aware while you are dreaming, and to have the ability to actively control your dreams. The experience of lucid dreaming can help you to get to know yourself better, be more peaceful, and be more confident. We live in a crazy world, so there is no shame in not knowing exactly what to do at times. Becoming more aware of yourself in general will improve your life. Dreaming is never the place to find answers to your questions, but it could potentially be beneficial to you.

When you first start experiencing lucid dreaming, you will probably have a lot of things that you want to do — such as eat amazing food, have amazing sex, meet yourself in the future, and many others things on your “to do list”. There are things that you can ask your lucid dream in a fun way to gain insights from your subconscious inner self.

“Show me myself in 10 years. Show me something funny.”

“Let me experience unconditional love. Let me feel confident.”

“Show me how to have more lucid dreams. Show me something amazing.”

“Let me feel optimal health.”

“Show me how to resolve a problem with an employee at work. Let me see my first pet when I was a child.”

This list can go on and on — sit down and make up your own list of what would be important about yourself that you would like to discover while lucid dreaming. Doing this can help provoke all kinds of results, including intuitive predictions about the future. Even memories that you thought you had forgotten can come rushing back.

The thing that surprises some people is that when answers are given by your dream self, they are not filtered by your conscious mind. The conscious mind can filter these predictions and they can often become bogged down with logical thinking — thus, the creative value can be overlooked. You always have the choice of how much you control your dreaming and how much you discover about yourself. Your ability to make these discoveries depends a lot on your confidence.

In the process of a lucid dream, you can ask things. If there is no answer to what you asked, raise your lucidity and ask again. Because of the fact that you have no expectation at this point, the outcome of the question you ask can make it special.

Dreaming about someone special can also be accomplished. The best way to do this is to think about the person as you slip into sleep. Think about the way they look, the way they feel, or the way they smell. In effect, this can cause your brain to focus on that person — and chances are you will dream about them.

Keeping a dream journal next to your bed can help you record your dreams and remember more things about yourself. If you wake up during the night and remember where your dream left off, tell yourself that when you drift back to sleep, you want to go back and continue that dream. If you are experiencing a lucid dream, be very careful about looking into a mirror. It can often help you decide if you are awake or asleep, but it can also tell you how you perceive yourself. The interesting thing with lucid dreaming is that you can solve your life problems, invent things, or train for anything.

You can ask yourself: Who are you or what will you do? What type of dream is this? What inspired you to dream about this? Asking questions like this before drifting off to sleep can help you control what you dream about.

The basics of lucid dreaming is simply to dream while you know you are dreaming. This basic definition requires nothing more than becoming aware that you are dreaming. The level of lucidity can greatly vary. The more lucid you are, the more aware you are of what is going on and the more about yourself you discover. Your ability to discover more about yourself depends a lot on your confidence.

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