Do nothing in bed except sleep and make love White Noise MP3 Download

Do nothing in bed except sleep and make love

I am 100% serious. The main reason for all sleep hygiene rules is to create such a strong connection between your bed and sleep, that just the act of getting into bed and lying down triggers the falling asleep process. It is true that for many normal sleepers, reading or watching television in bed may not cause a problem. But if you have insomnia, avoid doing anything in bed other than sleeping or making love. From now on, these are the only two activities which are to take place in your bed.

So why is sex okay? If you really wanted to be strict about the rules, you could make sure that sex took place in another room, and never in your bed. However, unlike other activities, sex is unique in that it is a relaxing, de-stressing activity which often happens in bed, just before falling asleep. When it is over, it is time to sleep. Thus it already has an inbuilt association with sleep. Sex also releases endorphins, giving you a happy, warm and glowing feeling when you lie down to sleep. And best of all, unlike reading or watching television, which can go on indefinitely, sex has a finite duration. It is for all these reasons that many people find sex can almost instantly send them to sleep (and hence why women often complain that “he just rolls over and falls asleep”). This is why you must implement a “sleep and sex only” rule.

The idea is to create an association of bed/sleep which is so strong, it will overcome all the stresses and fears you may have which are preventing you from sleeping. That association will eventually become so strong that you will be starting to nod off almost before you put your head on the pillow. That sleepy feeling will come over you at the very thought of your soft, warm, comfortable bed. Your bed means sleep — simple as that.

When in the throes of severe insomnia, your bed can become a place of misery and fear. But because of these combined sleep hygiene rules, the time in your bed will be rationed to only those hours when you are asleep or falling asleep. The result is that going to bed will become a treat you can look forward to all evening. Before long, you won’t be able to wait to get into your delicious bed, between the crisp, white sheets, put your head on your soft downy pillow and pull up your warm, snugly duvet. Your bed will go from being a place of tension and misery to a sanctuary of peace, your own special little place in which you can curl up at the end of the day. Bed = sleep or sex only!

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