Don't just lie awake in bed! White Noise MP3 Download

Don't just lie awake in bed!

This is a good rule of thumb if you have insomnia. All insomniacs have had the experience of lying awake for hours, fidgeting, and becoming more and more frustrated. This often happens when you have gone to bed before you are really sleepy. Insomniacs often make the mistake of going to bed “because it’s late” or “because it’s midnight”, whether or not they feel remotely tired. Unsurprisingly, sleep does not come quickly. Others may find it relatively easy to fall asleep, but will wake up in the middle of the night and be unable to get back to sleep. As you lie there, desperate for sleep, you become tense and anxious. The tension you feel makes it impossible to relax, and the bed seems to feel less and less comfortable as you toss and turn, trying to find a comfortable position. Your bed has now gone from being a sanctuary of peace and escape, to a place of misery and sleepless anxiety.

Remember: Every hour you lie awake in bed weakens the association of bed and sleep. Every hour you lie awake and frustrated reinforces the association of bed with lying awake and being frustrated!

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