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False awakenings

There is a curious phenomenon which both lucid and non-lucid dreamers can have, and that is false awakening. These are actually extremely vivid dreams in which you are convinced that you have woken up in physical reality. These false awakenings are more likely to occur when you are having a big day tomorrow and you are very excited.

Self-awareness actually determines how in-tune you are with your consciousness. The people who do have lucid dreams tend to be very aware of themself while they are awake and while they are dreaming. This allows them to have the most lucid dreams. The modern world of today can be very distracting, and a lot of people are actually not self-aware at all. With this phenomenon, the person dreams of waking up and this is very vivid. Some people do not even realize they are having a dream at the time. They simply assume they have awakened and this is reality, but it is only a dream. The false awakening often goes unrecognized for this reason, because they assume they are in waking reality.

When having a false awakening, you may get up, have breakfast, dress yourself, and leave for work, in your dream. These are things that you do on a daily basis and is more or less on autopilot. The human brain has such a remarkable capacity to emulate reality.

As these dreams occur, you can start to perform more complex tasks while asleep. For instance, you might look in the bathroom mirror. When this is done, and you discover the fact that you are in an illusory nature of dreaming, you wake up.

There are some people who do not wake up even then. There are some who have multiple fase awakening dreams in succession. They typically do the same thing over and over. Unconsciously they keep rebooting the scenario of the waking dream. Although it does sound a bit strange, if you have one false awakening experience, you are more likely to have another one.

The false awakening experience is described well with the statement from Edgar Allan Poe, “All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.”

Here a five ways that can help turn a false awakening into a lucid dream:

Reality check

When you wake up every day, perform a reality check. This is the best way to catch a false awakening as soon as it starts.

Alarm clock

Look at your clock and then ask yourself if you are dreaming. Numbers and letters are commonly hard to read in your dreams.

Look at your reflection

Check your reflection in the mirror and make sure it is normal. See if you can push your hand into the mirror itself. If you can, then you are definitely dreaming.


Leave notes to yourself about the house.

Eating breakfast, or any meal

Even false awakenings can involve dreaming that you are eating a meal. The moment you taste food or drink, do a reality check. If the taste of the food you are eating is more intense, this is a wonderful wake-up call.

Lucid dreamers have the tendency to invite false awakenings into their already lucid dreams. There are times when a person almost gets stuck in a limbo-type dream world, unable to rationalize what's actually happening. You know there's something wrong, but you're not able to define what it is that's wrong. You pass your hand through a glass window, but the reality of this is so real that your brain refuses to accept the possibilty that your hand actually did that.

If you have any idea at all that it's possible that you might be dreaming, trust your instincts. You almost certainly are. Always perform a reality check when you wake up, and be persistent about it. The more false awakenings you have, the greater the opportunity to have more guided dreams. Just remember — when you wake up, ask yourself, “Am I dreaming now?” These false awakenings can often be hard to spot. Always remember if you feel something is not right, it probably isn't.

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