Never try hard to fall asleep White Noise MP3 Download

Never try hard to fall asleep

Think about it: trying implies effort, and unsuccessful effort implies frustration and tension — neither of which is conducive to falling asleep. Good sleepers don’t ‘try’ to do anything, and one thing is certain: if you try to fall asleep, you will not succeed. This is because sleeping is not something you have to ‘do’. If you can't sleep at night nowadays, think back to a time when you did fall asleep easily. What did you do? The answer is that you didn’t do anything. It might be more accurate to describe falling asleep as something you do not do.

Trying to fall asleep is a little like pushing really hard against a door which needs to be pulled — it’s never going to open until you stop pushing.

The harder you try to fall asleep, the harder it will be to do so.

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