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Prolonging the lucid state

When you first discover you can have lucid dreams, they will be short and fleeting moments. You may be thrilled at first by these quick passing dream moments, but if you really want to dive into the fascinating world of vivid and intense lucid dreams, you will want to learn how to make the dream world last longer. This is typical for beginners in the quest for lucid dreams. The goal then becomes to prolong the lucid dream state. In doing this you turn fleeting moments into long, memorable episodes. If you have ever only achieved lucid dreams that last mere moments, don't fret — some people never have a lucid dream that they can remember. You have at least had the experience!

Now you know you can turn those moments into longer minutes and dive deeper into the lucid dream state. The thing you need to remember is that when you first discover you can indeed lucid dream, you will become excited — and this may stop the process. Perhaps you should practice your reaction to this before you go to sleep. Imagine you are dreaming and imagine you are entering into a lucid dream. Control your reaction to this moment, so you will not cause it to flee from you. Below are some tips in helping you to achieve some staying power in your lucid dreams.

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Expect clearness or clarity of the dreamscape. Say an affirmation to make it so, whenever you discover you are in a lucid dream, such as “I see clear” or “I am lucid”, or “I have perfect clarity” — or something equally similar.

Sometimes you can make it more real by performing something technical, like a math equation. Ask yourself what 1+2 is, or work through any mathematical equation. Make it a simple equation that you know the answer to readily.

Move about. Twirl, fall down, and jump up. Be physical, because your self-awareness will sharpen with physical movement. If you stay too still, you may wake out of the dream. Focus on something familiar on your body. Look at your hands, or your legs, or feet. See if you can see detail in these areas. Your dream body will appear differently than your real body.

Again, do something physical like clapping your hands, or scratching the back of your hand, or rubbing your hands together. This helps to pull the conscious mind into the dreamscape, which increases self-awareness.

Above all, stay calm. When you realize you are in a lucid dream, stay calm and go about the dream. If you react too excitedly about this discovery, you are at risk for waking up.

Be aware that once you realize you can launch into a lucid dream, the dreamscapes will explode with vividness and intensity. Lucid dreams give you the opportunity to see things, do things, and explore new things you have never done before. The more you seek lucid dreams and do the things to make them happen, the better you will be at making your lucid dreams last longer.

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