Sleeping in on weekends is a bad idea White Noise MP3 Download

Sleeping in on weekends is a bad idea

For many, the weekends are a great time to catch up on some missed sleep. Without the stress of having to get up for work, many people find that they tend to sleep much better on Friday and Saturday nights and may sleep-in for hours in the morning, until 11 or noon. This may be the only decent sleep an insomniac gets all week, and the joy of a delicious sleep-in is a temptation which few can resist. Others find that they do not sleep any better on the weekend than during the week, but even so, they usually get out of bed hours later on weekends compared with week days.

For many people, their only sleeping problem is so-called ‘Sunday night insomnia’ which means that the first day back to work on Monday is often marred by sleep deprivation. The reason for Sunday night insomnia is simply that, having overslept the previous two mornings, when you go to bed at your normal time on Sunday night, you simply are not tired. Thus it takes many hours to fall asleep.

It is also more than likely that much of the time lounging in bed was not spent sleeping, weakening the sleep/bed association. Sleep-ins are sleep thieves!

Thus, sleeping in on weekends on a frequent basis can only serve to exacerbate one's insomnia.

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