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Levels of lucid dreaming

The most common question a person asks, and the first question I asked, when first beginning to experience lucid dreaming, is how lucid can you get? There are levels of lucidity when dreaming. There are times when you are dreaming, that allow you the opportunity to actually realize the fact that you are dreaming. This opportunity is usually very fleeting and will slip away quickly.

There are times when you are dreaming but seem to be unable to actually control what you are dreaming. What is happening is something is missing. You have a part of you that is still struggling with the fact that you are dreaming. This is when you actually need to go to another level — take it up a notch.

It is a thin line between dreaming and lucid dreaming at times. Because a person is unable to control dream figures, they believe they are not lucid. Maybe they are unable to change the scenery, so they feel they are not lucid. Have you ever been aware that you were inside a dream world? If you have experienced this feeling, then you have had a lucid dream. Have you ever been able to control any part of your dream? Then you were in a lucid dream.

You may dream for one second or for one hour — the length of a lucid dream is variable. Dream Yoga, or apprehending the dream, means that you are becoming aware of the unreal nature of the dream state. There is a definite difference between an awareness of the world of dreams and the actual act of lucid dreaming.

A regular dream

This is a non-lucid dream, in which you are not aware of the fact that you are dreaming. With a regular dream, the person is not aware and has no control over the dream. When a person is experiencing a regular dream, they accept it as being real. These dreams are actually controlled and created by a person's subconscious side. A lot of the time a person's subconscious mind uses past experiences and memories in order to form these dreams. People often attempt to interpret their dreams to determine if they are symbolic.

Semi-lucid dream

This level is the lowest level which occurs with lucid dreaming. You actually realize that you are dreaming, but some things which are happening seem illogical. Maybe you practice meditation and have learned to be self-aware of your dream world. Maybe you still question where you are. A person's brain awakens when they finally realize they are dreaming. When a person first learns how to lucid dream, they may feel odd. Flying is not something that you can do in reality, but you are able to do it when lucid dreaming. In this level of lucid dreaming, your conscious brain thinks that you can't fly, so your brain doesn't expect your body to fly. The more you explore with lucid dreaming, the more you will notice these small inconsistencies.

Full lucid dreaming

Before you can experience a fully lucid dream, you usually must have had a number of semi-lucid dreams. Once you have accomplished the skill of lucid dreaming, it usually stays with you. If you are experiencing a full lucid dream, you are totally aware that you are in a dream world and must stay extremely focused. This dream is formed by your mind, and you can totally control it at will.

Concentrating on this fact is very important — if you start to lose focus, you can also lose lucidity in a matter of seconds. Meditation can help you to hold on to this mental skill. When you are in full lucid dreaming, you can do such things as transport yourself across the country just by thinking it — or guide the actions of the other people with you in your dream. Lucid dreaming is more than just manipulation; it is about having the intense awareness of the dream state.

Lucid dreaming can be your gateway to an alternate reality. The Tibetan Buddhists believe that the ultimate goal is to have full conscious awareness and then to dissolve the dream state. This does not mean to wake up, but to be fully aware while they remain asleep.

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