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My Onkyo TX-NR3007 review

Among the newest additions among the new “x007″ series AV receivers is the Onkyo TX-NR3007. This offers better value than the TX-NR5007 by removing little in terms of features. The general feature of the TX-NR3007 is similar, i.e. having 9.2 channels. It has the same video and audio processing capabilities. It is also networked, and receiver-ready. However, there is a 5 watt reduction in power output. The net output is 140 watts in each channel.


The design of TX-NR3007 has the look of older models. All the buttons on the front panel are well laid out. The configuration of the buttons is well located on the panel. There is a central digital readout, which is clear enough to view the written words. The source select buttons are located under the display in a row. There is a little “Pure Audio” button located under “Standby”. This is used to turn off the video circuits not in use. The receiver weighs 55 lbs, which is rather heavy.


There are more than enough connection possibilities in the TX-NR3007. There are multiple HDMI connections (7 for input and 2 via 1.3a for output). There are also 3 component video connections and 5 composite inputs for the video. The other video connections are HDMI transcoded. The videos are scaled to 1080p using the HQV Reon-VC chipset. It also includes 9 analog stereo inputs with one 7.1 channel input. The channels can be used as a preamplifier for external amplification. There is a USB port on the forward-facing panel. You can use the USB to play music from storage devices. The receiver is internet compatible.


The Onkyo TX-NR3007 uses the HQV-Reon-VX for video processing. There are independent power sources for the system, audio circuit and video. High quality 192 kHz Burr-Brown DACs are used. The sound features include Audyssey DSX and Dolby’s Pro Logic IIz. The Dolby Pro Logic IIz is added to the front channels, and the Audyssey DSX produces a more enveloping sound through the additional speakers above the right and left speakers. There is a feature known as “Dolby Volume” that automatically lowers the volume of TV programs that have excessively loud volume. The addition of a 9-channel amplifier provides 140 watts to each channel. You can also assign each of the amps. The speaker is network ready, which means that it can be used with Windows 7 and enables the incorporation of PC-based internet radio and audio.

Performance and setup

The setup of the Onkyo TX-NR3007 receiver is amazingly hassle-free. You can easily set it all up without any trouble, and all of its features can be integrated in no time at all. The dynamic bass on the DTS-HD master audio is easy to setup, too, and you can use various sources of AV.

Bottom line

The Onkyo TX-NR3007 is truly remarkable with high quality features which are included for a price that's just below $1400. Listening to Pandora on this thing sounds awesome!

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